The Lush Spa Experiment


Behind The Scenes


Created at the Mill.

I was involved creating the designing brain shots in terms of effects, modelling, lookdev, RnD and Data manipulation. We converted brain wave data to drive the animation.

Programs used were Houdini, Cinema4d, Arnold and Zbrush

Description from Lush below:

Everyone knows a spa treatment can reinvigorate, refocus, and relax your mind body and soul, but how it does so is a different matter. Until now.

To show you how slowing down and taking the time to really care for yourself can positively impact on your whole body, Lush collaborated with Mill+ to create a groundbreaking visualisation of the proven effects of a spa treatment.

This short experiential film was composed using biometric data captured during a Lush Spa experience. Using heart, breath, touch and brain data, state of the art technology created a series of unique and meditative visualisations that offer an insight into what exactly is going on while you’re zenned out.


Agency: Lush Digital

Editor: Will Barnett, Hugo Vaughan-Hughes, Theo Gibara, Remi Aaron

VFX & Design: The Mill

Producer: Nicole Duncan

Director: Carl Addy

2D Artists: John Thornton, James Pratt, Nick Sze, Matt 'Wispy' Clarke

Design: Will MacNeil, Anthony 'Tosh' Fieldsend, James Lee, Will Denning, Kwok Lam, Rajider Davsi, Cameron Johnson, Charles Biggest

Creatives Technologist: Noel Drew