James Lee is a Visual Artist who loves experimenting and learning. Alway looking around to see what's up in the industry.

Recently nominiated for the Broadcast TECH Young Talent Awards 2017 for work done at The Mill. At the time, he pushed to develop the design department and team into a Cinema4D/Houdini combo oriented department:


With over 8 years of experience in the industry, he has worked on projects in all sorts of arenas covering work in commercials, broadcast, music videos, documentary, TV, theatre, fashion, interactive, and more. Working on projects for clients such as Sony, BBC, Sky, Fox, Huawei, Vue Cinema and many more.

He uses a variety of programs such as Unreal (most recently) , Cinema4D, Nuke, Houdini, PFtrack, Zbrush, AE, amongst others to accomplish his ideas, making him a highly versatile and flexible artist in execution and thinking. A combination of technical and creative, where the technical is a means to further the creative.

Currently focusing on big collab personal project that will finish some time after the sun blows up.

Status: Senior Motion/CG Designer @ Future Deuxe

Contact: thisisjalee@gmail.com